Our Services

Our services are devoted entirely to the wealth management needs of our clients.

Investment Management

Our clients can delegate the management of their assets to our investment advisors or make the decisions themselves with the guidance and services offered by our investment professionals.
Discretionary Investment Management
Clients who wish to receive discretionary investment management services sign a Discretionary Asset Management Mandate (“Discretionary Mandate”) with Silvercoast Partners. Under the Discretionary Mandate, Silvercoast Partners is authorized to manage the assets of its clients on a fully discretionary basis (without prior consultation) and according to a client's investment needs, objectives, risk tolerance and restrictions. Under the Discretionary Mandate, Silvercoast Partners will be solely responsible for determining the account’s asset allocation and for investing the account’s assets subject to restrictions, if any. Silvercoast Partners will periodically review and update discretionary accounts’ asset allocation and holdings, in response to economic, political or market conditions, or changes in a client’s circumstances.
Non-Discretionary Services (Advisory Mandate)
Clients who wish to receive non-discretionary investment services sign an Advisory Mandate (“Advisory Mandate”) with Silvercoast Partners. Under an Advisory Mandate, Silvercoast Partners will provide investment advisory advice at the client’s request. Under the Advisory Mandate, clients will be solely responsible for making all investment decisions and Silvercoast Partners will not have any discretionary authority over clients' accounts.

Account Management

Account management and administration are available to our clients who establish the bank accounts directly with third-party qualified custodian banks.
Client accounts at Silvercoast Partners are held at qualified custodian banks in a separate account for each client. Clients establish the bank account directly with their custodian bank and therefore are aware of the qualified custodian’s name, address and the manner their investments are maintained. Clients execute an asset management agreement with us whereby Silvercoast Partners manages clients' assets held at their custodian banks in accordance with a written power of administration limited to the management of the clients' assets. This power of attorney does not authorize Silvercoast Partners to withdraw or transfer assets from the custodian accounts of our clients.

Tailored Services

On a case-by-case basis, we provide services to clients who wish to tailor certain aspects of their investments.


We provide our clients with timely financial and other reports (Form 1099) in cooperation with our global network of trusted third-party business partners who are specialists in their respective fields.